Zhek notice

Periodically we find posted to the apartment-building door various notices written by the Zhek. The Zhek is the person in charge of how everything runs in the building. He is the one that you go to with requests to have water temporarily turned off during remodeling or any emergency situation. (Like when our pipes gushed hot water for HOURS!)

Presumably he is on-call. Except, of course, when he is on an extended vacation as typically happens at least in August. (We were waiting to hear back from him with suggestions for handling a concern and finally asked Jim’s assistant to give him a call. Well, he was gone and wouldn’t be back for several weeks!)

So, anyway, we occasionally see notes letting us know which weeks our hot water will be turned off in the summer for the annual pipe cleaning, when electricity may be temporarily shut off. Things that are out of the supposed ordinary.

So it was quite interesting to read the notice that has been boldly posted this week: The Zhek is available from 10:00 until 2:00 on December 31. Why wouldn’t he be…even if this is New Year’s Eve day? I could understand a post saying that his hours are limited because of the holiday, but that is clearly not what is being communicated.

The truth of the matter is that the Zhek is available to receive gifts from anyone during those hours! (I would guess that vodka and chocolate would be the gifts of choice!)

Made me chuckle.


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