Big city with a small town feel

We live in a huge city that is occupied by four million people. And some reports say even more. I am definitely NOT a big city girl, but I must admit that the convenience of public transport — metro, tram, bus — is a huge plus to living in a city. A private car for most of us would be a luxury. (It’s a different story if you live outside the city limits…)

Much of the time we simply walk. To the grocery store. To the rinok to purchase fresh produce. To the post office (when we receive that occasional package). To the cafe to meet friends for a cup of coffee. And, of course, to the public transport stations and stops. Millions of people crowding the sidewalks could make that quite uncomfortable for me.

We feel truly blessed to live on a street that is divided by a wide pathway that is lined with trees. As we walk back to our flat from the rinok we purposely choose to take the center median. And this is our view:

Kyiv is proud to be one of the greenest capitals in Europe, if not in the world. And we particularly enjoy that fact — in all seasons. But I think it’s particularly beautiful to walk down a tree-lined path covered with a fresh blanket of snow.

Doesn’t feel quite so much like a big metropolis.



  1. inrelentlesspursuitoftruth says:

    Kyiv is the most beautiful city in the world.
    End of story 🙂

  2. Our city also has a similar walkway. I love it and think it is so beautiful and attractive. I prefer to walk down it instead of the sidewalks. Especially because now the snow covers everything so beautifully!


  3. Sometimes I wish we could walk here, there, and everywhere. But a good rain often cures me of that desire.
    🙂 We got our egg nog too this year! Only, lightweights that we are, we had ours at cocktail hour, not with breakfast:-0. DELICIOUS!

  4. relentless: It is definitely a beautiful city.

    Edna: Still within Ukraine! We’ll have to come take a stroll up your way one day!

    Suzanne: Walking in cold rain is definitely way low on my list. But I just stay home! Unfortunately that is not a possibility for most folks here.

    Highly recommend a bit of the nog with brunch! So good. Thanks again for the world’s best egg nog recipe!

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