That time of year — Day 22-25

It’s not like I didn’t have anything to post. It was just a matter of finding the time to upload the pictures and actually write a post. Soooo, here are some other signs of the times here leading up to Christmas.

Some of my all-time favorite Christmas books. With a new addition from last year: Olive, the other reindeer. You’ve got to read it!

We have two small trees that are decorated with ornaments collected over the years — some are truly priceless.

Christmas Eve traditionally has a reading of the Night Before Christmas. My grandfather read to us. When he died my dad took over the honors. Unfortunately for him, we didn’t provide grandchildren for a number of years. But Mom and Dad always had a houseful on Christmas Eve, so Dad read to neighborhood children. When Dad died, my brother took over though he was not always in town to read. The book records that several different men read it over those years, though brother Doug was the official reader. Doug died in May, so the next in line is our son Jamie. But he’s here in Kyiv with us. Hello, SKYPE! Jamie read the book on skype to the family and friends in Glendale, Ohio. We did make one change — he read BEFORE they all had dinner because it was already 1:30 a.m. here! (He then read it complete with video to his sister Anna in Nepal.)

For some strange reason, everyone slept in on Christmas morning. This is a first! Jim made a pot of coffee and I got started on the cinnamon chip scones. Mimosas. Egg nog. What a morning!



  1. Hi Marianna
    So I wanted to write and wish you a belated 1st Merry Christmas. Only one more left! I’m hoping you got my email from many weeks ago. I had the darndest time sending you emails as they kept getting sent back to me and then my internet was down and the drama continued. All to say … I really wanted to thank you and Jeanne for the party in early December. We had a great time!!! Best eggnog ever! We’d love to have you guys up here some weekend so please keep that in mind. Have a great New Year!

  2. I’m such a girl! this brought tears to my eyes!

  3. Chris: Our pleasure! And we would all love to come that way!

    kibbe: Yep. Confirmed. You’re a girl. Hallelujah!!

  4. Isn’t great to have kids over the age of 21 *wink* ANYWAY, thank you parents for making our ‘first’ christmas wonderful! Can’t wait to start our own traditions and festivities over the years to come and maybe even getting to host YOU in OUR home instead of always the other way around (not that we’ve had a home to host you in, heh).

    Jeanne & Kolya

    p.s. hmmm, embassy photo??

  5. Jeanne: Refer the embassy to my blog over the last year…they’ll see it all!

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