That time of year — Day 21

We only have a few good days that we can actually wear Christmas sweaters — you wouldn’t want to be too early…and you can’t possibly wear them AFTER Christmas. (Unless you live in Ukraine and you celebrate Christmas both in December AND January!)

My dad absolutely loved dressing his wife and daughters in fun sweaters — and Christmas was his most favorite time of the year. We had incredible Christmas sweaters, even before they were officially fashionable… Um, they ARE fashionable, aren’t they?

Mom took on the challenge of finding great sweaters for a Christmas or two, and this is one of her finds.

(I love that you can wear ANY color turtleneck! I am definitely a fan of the whole mix-and-match concept of clothes…)



  1. KristenAnne says:

    hmm if you celebrate christmas twice… does that mean you get double the presents? hahah jk

    but i agree i love seeing my mom wear all her little christmas sweaters around. even though they are cute….there are some hideous ones out there…have you ever heard of an ugly sweater party? its where everyone finds the most ridiculous christmas sweater they can and all wear it to their christmas party. its kind of funny!

  2. I think Ben and his ND friends had an ugly Christmas sweater party once. It was scary to see those BIG ND boys wearing ladies Christmas sweaters scarfed from the Goodwill:-)

    Post below: Goin’ to Vermont with the Harrs in January and Bill and I told them they have to see White Christmas(NO! They’ve never seen it) so they can learn the “Snow” song!!!!

  3. Kristenanne: I haven’t heard of that party, but it definitely sounds like it would be fun. Oh, and your mom would make ANY sweater look cute…

    Suzanne: I can’t believe that the Harrs haven’t seen White Christmas. I can already hear the singing…once they learn the song! (Point them to my post if they don’t have time to watch the whole movie right now.)


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