That time of year — Day 17

Long before we moved to Ukraine and became oh so very familiar with the fabulous nesting dolls, one of my girls (I actually forget whether it was Anna or Jeanne…so sorry…you’re both just so thoughtful!) gave me this fabulous stack of nesting boxes…all with a winter/Christmas theme.

We’re thankful that they’re easy to transport — each inside the other — and they quickly add interest to our narrow entry hall.



  1. You’re welcome. 😛 And actually, that was a gift that was given to you your first Christmas in Ukraine! I remember the security and the Salisbury airport had to take them all out (it was a carry on) and made you wait until it was finished before you could come on through.

  2. Enjoying seeing and reading about your meaningful Christmas decorations! Good idea to post! God Bless you and family!

  3. Anna: I figured that ONE would let me know who gave me the boxes. If you were giving it to me for Christmas, wouldn’t it have been YOU who had it in your carry-on? That first Christmas was the one where all ten bags failed to arrive in Kyiv with us! Quite an interesting Christmas celebration that year…

    Melanie: It’s fun for me as well to reminisce! Glad you’re finding it not too boring. :/

  4. It was in my carry-on.

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