That time of year — Day 12-16

Okay. Things have been a little crazy here. And I am just not getting around to getting the pictures off of the camera and onto the blog. My dear Anna has let it be known that she misses these daily entries, so I’ll try to do better!

Day 12: We have collected some precious snowmen over the years, and one of my favorites is this little dish by Hadley.

Day 13: During the holidays, our home typically has lots of friends gathering together. Sometimes we have awesome eggnog (thanks for the recipe, Suzanne, via Anna), but always we have laughter. We are thankful to have a flat that allows for crowds!

Day 14: Another sure sign of the season is the music at church. This past Sunday (the 14th…hence, day 14) was no exception. Enjoy Jamie, Dasha, Yulia, and Vova:

Day 15: Typically we receive one box…sometimes two…from America at some point during this holiday time. Yesterday we received quite a package from my sisters and their husbands. A little taste of home…

Day 16: Another of my most favorite Christmas decorations is hung near our front door. Two snowmen painted on a slate shingle that had been part of the roof in a building from my home town…the village of Glendale. My dad was mayor of the village during that time of remodelling, so this always reminds me of him. (He died 13 years ago today…)



  1. Thanks for catching us up! I was missing the daily entries, too. BTW, do you have skype? We are going to be using skype to spend Christmas with my parents. The kids are so excited! They get to open the gifts my parents sent to them and they’ll open the ones we sent. Then my dad will be playing Christmas carols on the ukulele. Aint modern technology grand? God bless.

  2. Wendy: Yes, we have skype. It has been a blessing so many times!

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