That time of year — Day 11

1985. 2-year-olds Anna and Jeanne with their 8-month-old brother Jamie. I love the fact that all three of them are actually looking at the camera! Be sure to click on the picture so that you can see a bit of drool running down the box…



  1. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Percious!

  2. I always looked forward to getting a Peipon Christmas card! (Especially since I never sent any out:-) You can see that they haven’t changed much!
    I love the snow suit post below. We were still in NY when Ben was about a year old. I would lay him on the couch to zip and tie him into his snow suit. He couldn’t move either but it was b/c there was TOO much suit and too little of Ben!
    Bill and I took Ben for a sled ride around our neighborhood one snowy day. We turned to look at him and he was about five feet back face down in the snow! He had slipped off silently in the puffy snow(and of course couldn’t move)!

  3. I love these stories! Suzanne’s comment brought a good laugh also. I remember your kids looking like this. Jamie was such a chunk. I’m getting a little sentimental this year, more so than usual, because I haven’t been with Adam for two Christmases and now he’s heading to Iraq in just a few more weeks. If we could turn back time…..

  4. Why are we still on Day 11 here?! I used to look forward to seeing these posts each day but I’ve been disappointed for almost a week now.

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