That time of year — Day 10

This is one of my favorite wintertime pictures, and it is on display every year once we see snow!

When we lived in Salisbury, Maryland, the winters were not too severe and not too very long, so expensive winter snowsuits were only needed briefly throughout a whole season. And sometimes winters only had flurries, so a snowsuit really was unnecessary.

Jamie was born in April and so his 18-24 month sized snowsuit worked well that next winter. (He weighed over 9 pounds at birth…) And I hoped against hope that he would be able to wear it again the following winter. At the time we had two 3-year-olds nearing 4 and Jamie fast approaching 2, so we were careful with our clothing budget. Wouldn’t you know that we had a very white winter that year?! I just couldn’t imagine buying a new snowsuit with no child to hand it down to, so I squeezed Jamie into the old one, put on his boots, and ventured into the backyard for some fun in the snow.

He lost his balance and fell forward. But the snowsuit was so small that he couldn’t bend at his knees. He was actually stuck in that position! I began to laugh and told him to wait there (as if he could go anywhere) while I ran back inside for the camera. (Pre-digital and too large to carry around to capture every moment of the day!) Anyway, I scooped up the camera and ran back outside to snap the picture. Still laughing. And that precious little guy, stuck in the snow, actually SMILED for this picture.



  1. It’s nice to finally hear the whole story with this.

  2. Awwwww, how sweet!

  3. Anna: You never knew the whole story? Sorry!!

    Ann: I agree.

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