That time of year — Day 09

About the same time that my grandmother created the church in her ceramics class she also created a creche scene. The tradition for our family has been to not add the baby Jesus until Christmas morning. When the kids were little this was a sure-fire way for them to know if Christmas had indeed arrived. Each morning they would check to see if Baby Jesus was in the manger. I remember one Christmas morning how excited they were: They started jumping up and down and exclaiming “Jesus is born! Jesus is born!” THEN we celebrated His birthday.



  1. What adorable kids you have!

  2. PS. Can I have this creche scene when you die? Not that I’m hoping that’s any time soon. 😉 Just thought I’d get my voice in the matter first.

  3. Anna: I’ll try to remember! (Hey, we might want to check with AJ & UD and also with AB & US. Not sure if UD had one…)

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