Have I mentioned lately that I really love wordpress — my free blog site? Isn’t this snow falling on my blog just fun, fun, fun??!!

If you don’t yet have a blog, or if you have one and would like to switch to an awesome site, I’d recommend wordpress! They’re constantly making improvements making your blog life easier…and then adding surprises like the snow for those who want it!

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.


  1. I was wondering how you got the snow to work. Impressive!

  2. Heath: You can rest ASSURED that it was not something that I personally figured out how to do! WordPress makes us look good…

  3. I used to have wordpress, but I switched to blogger cuz I thought more people would read my blog. I need attention. (This is Wayne’s daughter, by the way.)

  4. Faith: (I’m glad you specified WHICH Faith — I forgot that I’ll have to look more closely at comments to know who is actually writing!) I’m not sure that your site makes much difference for traffic — as long as you let folks what your URL is! When I first started blogging I kept hearing nightmares about blogger or blogspot (can’t remember which)and I was beginning to hear about wordpress…and only positive comments…so I went for it. To be different, I think! And because folks were switching AWAY from the other sites TO wordpress…figured I wouldn’t know how to do that if I wanted to!!

  5. When you did this last year, I freaked. I thought my computer had a virus and then I realized it was snowing on your blog! It is VERY cool! πŸ™‚

  6. Michelle: LOL!! πŸ˜€ I really like the snow, too.

  7. I had to call Gary over to MY side of the desk to see this – he pointed out that not only does the snow collect on the bottom ledge of the window – it’s melting, too! Not sticking – nothing to shovel.

    We LOVE it!

  8. Snow??? At first I thought I was having some rapid fire scotomata or some serious falling star-like floaters. I’m glad you explained things.

    As for snow we had our second serious dusting (and icing of the roads) in southcentral Pennsylvania. Thankfully, no need to shovel, yet. I guess I really do prefer your scotomatous variety.

  9. Karen: And have you noticed that the wind changes direction blowing the snow in one direction, and then another? Very clever, whoever thought of this! Happy to give some winter entertainment on this blog — it’s obviously a full-service blog!

    Wayne: Glad to know you recognized the falling snow before the expense of the eye exam! I love snow, but the icy conditions, particularly when needing to travel, is not my fave.

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