That time of year — Day 01

Last December I focused my blog posts leading up to Christmas with different memories and projects that made the Christmas season…well, the Christmas season. I’ve just revisited several of those posts and may just do that each day this month this year. (Feel free to enjoy them yourselves — simply go to archives on my sidebar. There were some really fun “finds” on YouTube!)

This year I am not sure that I’ll be so disciplined to have a single thread running through my pre-Christmas posts, but if I DID…it might be what makes this season so special here in Ukraine, and specifically in our flat.

A long-time tradition has been to create lots of various cookies, breads, candies and to give them as Christmas gifts. Besides the goodies, the plate itself was part of the gift. One year Jim and I found the perfect plates right in our little neighborhood. Good design. Not too big. Not too small. Not too expensive.

But since then, I have had the most difficult time trying to find appropriate plates…they need to be not too expensive (I like to give away LOTS) and I have to love the design. I think that last year I had to resort to little gift bags, and the year before? Can you imagine — holiday-themed paper plates?! Ugh!

I’m holding on to the hope that I’ll find the right plates this year. Already Dasha is keeping her eyes open for me, and even inquiring in some places as to when they might have seasonal plates. Pretty sweet, eh?

Meanwhile…we bake.



  1. Love the idea. We did that last year and people seemed to really enjoy the goodies. Thanks for the reminder! I love baking, so this is right up my alley. I’ll let you know if we find inexpensie plates in Siberia! lol

  2. Wendy: As I revisited my posts from last year I ran across one featuring your family here! Wow, that was a year ago!!

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