Guest speaker

Somehow MY phone number was programmed into CHERYL’s (good friend) phone and I’m sure she mistakenly called ME — oh, about six weeks ago — to speak at a women’s gathering this evening outside of Kyiv. I am not particularly comfortable speaking in front of a group, though I have been asked to do this from time to time — both in the States and here.

My assigned topic is purity. And rather than speak to these beautiful young women about sexual purity — a topic that they hear quite frequently, I’m sure — I opted to look at the need for purity within our own hearts. Create in me a pure heart, O God.

Pray for these young ladies that they might have ears to hear. (And discuss — I want this to be an interactive time). And pray that I might not distort in any way God’s truth as revealed in His Word. (Cheryl has my talk in her hands already so that she can let me know if there is anything that would be uncomfortable — or untrue! — that I intend to say. Also, if she senses something that I need to clarify or dig deeper into… She knows these ladies way better than I do.)

Anyway, I am looking forward to a great time of fellowship with these ladies. Though I am being stretched out of my comfort zone, I do thank God for the opportunities to show HIS strength through my weakness. And I am thankful for the hours of preparation — putting in writing what I believe God is revealing about himself…and us! Great exercise!!



  1. Praying all went well with the ladies. We just finished our Thanksgiving feast. Made the pies from scratch – haven’t done that since 10 years ago! Looking forward to doing ADVENT with the family tomorrow. Haven’t done that since I was a kid and thought it would be good for us to do that annually. God bless! ~ Wendy

  2. I’ll be praying!

  3. Wendy and Ann: Thanks for the prayers. I was greatly encouraged and I pray that the ladies in attendance were as well.

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