A little overwhelmed

I’m feeling just a little bit overwhelmed.

I need to design our Christmas card…soon! I need to get ready for 10 for Thanksgiving dinner (actually a small group in the history of our Thanksgivings!). I need to create a few Christmas gifts that will take a bit of time. Always the baking, but no pressure at this point in time. I have been asked to speak at a women’s gathering out of Kyiv on Saturday — and the talk isn’t exactly where I would like it to be. (I’ve had plenty of time to prepare…it’s more a matter of zeroing in on the specifics that I want to be sure I cover. Purity is a broad topic…) I need to get a newsletter out. We need to put together an itinerary for the spring in the States. (That’s a full-time job right there!)

All this as we watch Jamie and Dasha prepare to leave Ukraine in January. And Jeanne and Kolya are praying about their own future plans. Anna is praying about the next step in her life as well.

So much for which to be thankful. So comforting to know that God is sovereign. No major stresses. Just being aware that time is marching forward — seemingly in FAST forward.



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