The letter “Aa”

My English-teaching Sunday school class featured the letter “Aa” today. It’s a set program, but I have to make some adjustments along the way for several reasons. Three of the children speak English at home so I am asking them to learn the memory verses in Ukrainian (challenging myself as well…hey, they’re short!) And three of the children are living in a foster care setting, so it’s not exactly the typical family (is there a typical family anymore?) situation.

Each week we write the memory verse into a notebook and draw a picture to illustrate it. Today our verse was “Ask and you shall receive.” Starting with the letter A. The classroom with the crayons was not open yet, so I asked them what they would draw if possible.

One child said, “Bread.” (That may have come from give us this day our daily bread…I’m not sure. I am confident that he has plenty to eat!) One sweet little girl looked up at me with a genuine smile and responded, “A family.” And one young one said, “I’d ask someone if they want an apple and then I’d give it to them.” How sweet is that?!

It’s such a gift to work with these children before going into worship. So much for which to be thankful! God is at work in the lives of these precious children of the church. Pray that their softened hearts would understand the simplicity of the gospel…



  1. Thanks Marianna! I’m now doing ESL with 8 first graders and sometimes it can be a bit hairy. But those little moments make it worth the time and effort. I read your blog often (and I think my mom does too!). 🙂

  2. Wendy: What material are you using? I can use all the help I can get!! Love the little moments…

  3. Wendy’s mom: HI! I love your daughter and her family! What hearts they ALL have for the Lord. Thanks for coming by to read my thoughts from Kyiv…feel free to comment ANYTIME!

  4. …”This post was brought to you by…the letter ‘A’….”….hmmmm…….wasting the day away…on my way to where the bluebirds sing (or something like that..) “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to…..Marianna’s class?” 🙂 couldn’t resist. 🙂

  5. Cara: My spam filter didn’t know what to do with this! I had to approve this comment!! I love it — the comment, that is. I’ve been humming along…

  6. Fortunately, I know where that comment was coming from BUT I can’t sing along because I wasn’t thrown in front of a tv as kid. THANKS MOM!

  7. Anna: You’re welcome!

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