Photo tag

One of my most favorite families in the world lives in Alabama. Heath and Nikki adopted the sweetest little guy from Ukraine (can it really be YEARS ago?!) and have since added a little sister. Karson and Averi have been so much fun to watch grow by following their blog.

I have just been officially tagged by Nikki — it’s actually a fun tag.

The instructions for this tag are to:
pick the 4th picture folder on my computer; choose and post the 4th picture; explain the picture; and tag 4 other people to participate.

(click on the photo for an enlarged version)

This is one of those pictures that I have continued to keep just because it makes me smile. Cheryl is a good friend of ours and regularly makes the trip to Kyiv (90-minute bus ride) to attend the monthly KCWF meetings which continue to be held in our flat. Because of the distance, Cheryl always spends the night with us so we have a little after-meeting meeting each month. Sometimes we had 3 or 4 ladies staying with us so it became quite a fun night of sometimes serious discussion, always roars of laughter, and, from time to time, a new taste treat. In this picture Cheryl is trying a new-to-her concoction that Jeanne had created in the kitchen — out of sight from Cheryl. This shot is taken as she wonders whether to really try it or not, not having a clue as to what to expect! As you can guess, the base of this liquid delight is milk…and what is mixed in? Well, that’s our little secret!

Now it’s MY turn to tag 4 people! And the lucky photographers are:

1. Cheryl Lyons (It’s only fair to let her play after posting her picture!!)
2. Suzanne Taylor
3. Kate Huntington
4. Chris Zurbach

Ladies, please let me know when you’ve posted your picture! (Or link back to my comments…)



  1. Is that drink a “White Ukrainian”?


  2. Thanks for the sweet comments and playing the tag game. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Edna: Heh.

  4. What fun! Great idea.

  5. morningjoy: Please feel free to take the challenge and let us see your picture as well! You have some stunning photos! Please link back so that everyone may enjoy it!

  6. I remember that night! It was awesome! The drink was good too!! =)

  7. Cheryl: Fun, fun, fun!

  8. Can I link you with this post????

  9. Chris: I’m not sure what you’re asking…but I am posting the link to your picture right here:

    If you’re asking whether you can link my blog to your post about the photo tag…of course! If you’re asking something else…well, I don’t have a clue what the answer is!

  10. riverblues: Thanks for playing tag! What a great picture to find in that fourth folder…special special young lady! We love her, too. To see THAT photo and learn who Suzanne tagged:

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