Corelle crash

Okay, so we’re sitting in the living room — Jeanne, Kolya, Cara and myself — when we hear the sound of SOMETHING breaking. Jim is in the kitchen, so we assume that he has dropped a glass or a dish.

Jeanne and Kolya first thought of their collection of beer glasses representing beer served in several countries as well as those local brews from throughout Ukraine. No panic, just wishing that one of their glasses hadn’t smashed.

I figured that it was one of our Ukraine china plates that we had used earlier to serve coffeecake to guests. They had been washed, were now dried, and maybe Jim had dropped one (or more) of these small plates.

As I gingerly approached the kitchen, Jim asked: “Isn’t corelle NOT supposed to break?!” Yeah, I thought that it wasn’t supposed to break. We were surprised months ago when one bowl chipped.

But let me just say this: when it DOES break, it shatters:

Shards landed against the far wall and scattered from one side of the kitchen to the other and some small pieces were even found just outside the door! Craziness!

(Isn’t it nice to know that it wasn’t one of our FAVORITE dishes?)



  1. I like Dad’s foot in the picture… what dish was it?! Maybe it was MY favorite. Haha.

  2. Anna: It was one of the deep white bowls with the green trim on the lip. We use them everyday for oatmeal…we have several more, just in case they are your favorites!

  3. Wow! For such a small bowl, it made for a huge mess.

  4. Anna: Exactly right! They may be difficult to break, but when they do…watch out!

  5. 🙂 I remember when Corelle first came out in the 60.s or early 70’s. My friend Gretchen’s mom had bought some and we thought it would be great fun to play frisbee with a plate in the basement. Whoops! Bad idea…that’s how we learned that they do indeed break.

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