There’s nothing quite like an artist-in-residence.

Jeanne’s husband Kolya makes his living in construction — he can do just about anything involved in building a home from the ground up. He also does a great job at remonting. (That’s an anglicized version of a russian verb to remodel…folks here speaking English often use this verb as if it were English! i.e. I need someone to do some remont. I love words like this!)

But where it’s really fun to see him at work is when he is challenged to create something from scratch. Like a shkaf (wardrobe). Or a shelf to specifically hold a coffee maker and tea basket. He grabs a bit of paper and begins sketching what he thinks would look best. Asks for opinions. Makes some changes as necessary. Reworks sketch. Measures. Modifies. And creates. And in a short amount of time! Amazing.

He has finished the BIG projects we had for him at our flat. But he has several SMALL but FUN items yet to do…I’ll tell you about THOSE later. So thankful for an artist.



  1. Even my parents know what “remonting” is! I think they use it even when traveling outside Ukraine. (I know I do!) ;~)

    (PS – the shkaf looks great!)

  2. Sara: Not surprising for seasoned Ukraine travellers! I think it’s a great verb!

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