A special treat

I just spent almost an hour talking to dear friends in our hometown. (After also speaking with my youngest sister for 30 minutes-ish…)

It’s so good to hear the voices. To laugh simultaneously. To “oh, dear” together. To encourage. I love my blog, and I am enjoying keeping up (as best I can…not exactly a computer guru here!) with folks on facebook. But it just doesn’t compare with hearing the voices of those I love.

I’m actually thankful that we DON’T have too easy access to those on the other side of the Pond. Not that I wouldn’t want to hear from people, say, EVERY DAY. But it really makes these once-in-a-blue-moon calls even more special!

Thanks, Biz, and thanks, Gary and Karen, for being home when we called.

You made us smile. Big time.



  1. riverblues says:

    Yup! It is great to have a GOOD talk with the folks far away. Very satisfying!

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