Kitchen makeover

For the last several days, Kolya has been living his days on a ladder or at a home-supply store.

Our kitchen ceiling was not in the best shape — the wallpaper applied to it was separating and sagging in a few spots. We asked Kolya if he would be willing to take the paper off, repair any questionable areas, and then paint it white. He (with his able assistant Jeanne!) had the paper off and was already into painting it — thinking that the job was soon to be over — when I kept looking at the walls.

The wall along the sink is tile as is part of the wall adjacent to the door. The largest open-space wall is covered with a green print paper. It’s not the paper was soooo bad, but it wasn’t washable! Over the years of splattering various food items as we used the table as a mixing/creating area, we were at the point where we didn’t really want to sit at the table to eat. It just wasn’t too appetizing. I stopped scrubbing with gusto when I watched the paper losing its color!

So, Jeanne and Kolya stripped the paper off the wall and we entered into the great debate — paper or paint? And what color?

We opted for paint. And Jim and I chose a pale pale pale yellow. I’m still not sure that Kolya agrees with the color selection, but he smiles and says it’s “normalna.” The customer is always right, by the way. Smart boy. The last two nights found him still on the ladder at midnight! And at Kolya’s suggestion, he added moulding all the way around at the ceiling/wall — it looks so much more finished.

Pictures once we return the kitchen to normal!

Thanks, Kolya. And thanks, Jeanne!


  1. riverblues says:

    Yup. This is how it starts. Pretty soon the son-in-law will be re-doing the WHOLE place:-) When you mentioned the home improvement store, it brought back memories of Home Depot and Lowes. Probably of the last five years I’ve spent three in one of those places:-)

  2. You are mighty welcome! Hopefully today the moulding will be painted and they ALL will be finished… except the shelves..

  3. riverblues: Shhhh. We don’t want to scare him away!!

    razom112: It’s looking great!!

  4. hmmm…three months ago our dishwasher sprung a leak. Yet another new floor in the kitchen, new carpet in the family room, stairs, hall and bedroom, new wood flooring in the office and front hall later and we’re still not done.

    Now it’s looking like the refrigerator may also need to be replaced. Gonna hafta figure out how that will translate into new ceramic tile in the bathrooms. Give me time, I’m sure I can work it out…

  5. Karen: Yikes, Karen! The kitchen floor is replaced yearly! Seems like it has just been replaced, or is need of it when we’re there. How did we miss the replacement this time? (Please don’t feel the need to replace it in the spring…on our account!)

  6. So, when will the ‘after’ pictures be posted? Maybe once Kolya finishes his ‘next’ project of the shelf? 😛 Then you may also post the ‘after, after’ photos when some of your decor gets hung… after Kolya finishes THAT project! :p

  7. Where are the after pictures?!?!

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