The other day we had an upstairs neighbor ring our doorbell to give us a notice from the post office informing us that we had a package that needed to be picked up. The notice had mistakenly been put in their mailbox.

Our flat used to be two separate apartments, but the previous owners combined them into one. So we have two entrances — on two different streets. We rarely use the door that is on the same staircase as this neighbor, so I was quite surprised when Jim spent so much time at the door. Those that know us use the other door.

To make a long story shorter, our neighbors invited us up to their flat tonight at 8:00. And we were there until a few moments ago — nearly four hours! So very interesting. She is Italian, he is French, they lived in Poland for a number of years, and have lived here in Kyiv for a year or so. Their son attends a French-speaking school here, and between the members of this family they speak a minimum of 6 languages.

We spent a lot of time tonight just listening to them talk and share their ideas on a variety of subjects. They were fascinated with the concept of Jim teaching the connection between faith and medicine. They also see a deeply spiritual connection between disease and well-being, but we are coming from somewhat different perspectives. It will be interesting to see how this relationship develops between us — they are already interested in having us visit for dinner so that we can better understand the methods that she uses to cook. No meat. Little dairy. Minimal sugar. Not fanatical, but certainly committed to living a “balanced” life.

We look forward to what God is doing…


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