Hands-on care

Friday afternoons are just the best days EVER.

Jim and I together went to visit my sweet little babes at the infectious diseases hospital. Typically the children I get to cuddle are ones who either are HIV+ or are still waiting for results of tests determining whether they are positive or not. The parents and grandparents have usually abandoned the children and they are simply waiting for the proper paperwork to be completed before they move to their new home — an orphanage. Often times the mothers are drug addicts or alcoholics and the maternal instinct has been effectively destroyed.

Today the children were HIV- but, nevertheless, the mothers had abandoned them.

As I have mentioned before, children are admitted WITH a parent when they are confined to a hospital. Most care is provided by the relative. The children in my room are ones with no relatives providing the extra care so needed by young ones. Because the staff is very limited, and their hands are full with the medical care of the children throughout the wing, these precious children have minimal time actually being held or rocked, caressed and kissed.

I have the most awesome privilege of joining two other women in paying special attention to these forgotten little souls.

A local fund has provided funds for two years so that two women could be hired to spend time each day with these children. What a blessing! The fund also provided money for disposable diapers, wipes, and additional food items for these orphans.

Please pray that the funds will be provided again this year — a decision is being made maybe even today. It seems that the fund is more interested in donating to the causes of homosexual marriages and silicone breast implants.

This ministry has had such a positive impact on these children — workers at the orphanage know which children spent time at this hospital and which didn’t! Do join us in praying for the continuance of this vital ministry!



  1. Yes, because making sure a man can marry a man is so important and making sure a woman is provided with the urgent necessary breast augmentation because her self esteem is low is also a worthy cause. Why can’t you just be “progressive” ?


    To be honest, it diminishes my hope in the good of people when I read things like this. How children can not be considered important and something as unimportant as homosexual marriage or breast implants….

    …I’m just shock.

  2. Emily: I’m right with you. But be encouraged by all the people you know who are trying to help others! I must say that I was surprised that a fund that supported these women to help would be the same fund that was interested in supporting homosexual marriages and breast implants. Go figure! I know that you’re praying…

  3. We also need to pray for the Ukrainian government AID programs. I have heard that they are going to shut down the special medical programs in that hospital.

  4. Michelle: Do you mean shut down the program at the infectious disease hospital? Where else would you put the children? Good grief!

  5. It all sounds so very sad!Praise God for you and for the other women that come to love those babies.

  6. Ann: It is a joy to go there. Praying for the funds to continue!

  7. I heard they are shutting down the programs in that hospital due to the economic situation……

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