The office

Just a glimpse into the life of a medical missionary. When Ukraine Medical Outreach first joined with International Faith Initiatives, IFI had an office about 45 minutes from our flat. Jim made that journey every day during rush hour — crushed between commuters on the metro. But, because of ever-increasing costs, the IFI office closed and the staff all work from their respective homes.

Jim is the only one who has hired an assistant so it was important that we create a little space that could be officially “the office.” Home needs to be home, also. It’s a blessing that Igor only works 1/2 days (he’s a student in the afternoons), so the homefront returns to its normalcy (?!) at 1:00 each afternoon.

So here’s the space: It was Jamie’s bedroom once upon a time, and after he married Dasha Jeanne moved into that smaller space. It’s a little tight when meetings take place — sometimes those meetings spill into our living room and I hide out elsewhere! It’s not a bad trade-off, though. With Jim not having to travel 1-1/2 hours a day, I get more time with him!!



  1. Love the picture! And it is bigger than our office! We should take a picture of Yura in the corner of our living room which has a desk topped with laptop and printer/scanner/copier and post it. I wonder what other missionary home offices look like? But the travel time and money saved on transportation, priceless.

  2. Wendy: Definitely show Yura’s space!

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