Sunday school

I started teaching my new Sunday school class yesterday.

The adult Sunday school classes meet prior to the church service, but there was nothing being offered to the children at the same time. (They have a class that meets during the sermon…)

Pastor Ivan realized that some adults were not attending because they had no place to leave their children. So, I stepped up to the plate.

I am teaching English to children using the Bible. It’s a program that I first learned about several years ago (Jared, do you remember this course??!), but I had never had the right opportunity to use it. I’m really excited to be able to teach children again!

Yesterday I only had three children — three of the Donskoy’s (Jamie’s in-laws) foster care children. I expect at least 3 or 4 more next week. Jamie’s mother-in-law is my translator/policeman in the class. And the children’s Sunday school teacher is also joining us — Larissa really wants to learn English. I’m thrilled that she’d be interested in attending one of my classes!

Anyway, we learned how to “slap thighs, clap hands, snap fingers, clap hands” while saying “My name’s _____. What’s YOUR name?” The hardest part for the children was fitting the rhythm with “My name is _____.” In school they are all taught to say “is,” but in my rhythmic question and answer, the “is” is dropped. Oh, well. I’m not going to change what they officially learn in school.

We also sang the alphabet song. And then they drew pictures of their families. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect — their blood relatives or their foster home? I didn’t need to worry because they really never got too far past drawing themselves!

Yan delayed as long as he possibly could and then eventually drew a balloon. Then some snowflakes. And finally a snowman. He said that his family is actually made up of snowmen. Who was I to argue? (I learned later that he had been abandoned in the winter.)

Sonia happily drew herself. And a big sun. Clouds. And eventually she drew a brother.

And Anton had no hesitation at all as he drew himself in a football goal. I suggested that maybe his family might watch the game, and he drew the stands with various folks cheering him on.

The memory verse for the week is: “‘I will be a Father to you.’ 2 Corinthians 6:18.” I chuckled when I realized that the address is more difficult than the verse for non-native speakers! We glued the verse to their pictures and they took them home to remind them to learn the verse.

My mind is racing with new ways to embellish the plans. This is going to be fun!



  1. This post has me feeling emotional and teary eyed. Thank you for being a Sunday School teacher.

  2. What a blessing you are to these precious children. Through you they can know just how much their Heavenly Father loves them. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  3. Wow! What can I say beside I think your fabulous. I work with our Jr. Choir program, I love it! I receive such a blessing hearing them sing praises to our Lord and Savior.

    I love hearing how the Lord is using you for his Glory.



  4. TulipGirl, morningjoy, ann: Trust me, I truly LOVE teaching these children. I am thankful that the Lord would use even me to reach any of His children. Thank you for your kind words, but please give the glory to the One who deserves it!! God is so good!

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