Why you need to be in church this Sunday

Jeanne read me this post from Pyromaniacs yesterday, and I read it to Jim this morning. It dawned on me that I needed to post this for others to read as well. Here in Ukraine, just as in America, we hear all kinds of excuses for not attending church, especially not committing to membership!

Go to church, worship God with the assembly. Give Him the praise and honor due Him.



  1. Love the link! I don’t get the excuses for not being in church, either. It was a great read! Where do you find this stuff?

  2. Amen.

    We’re in the membership process at our church. It took us awhile to “land” once we returned to the States, but the Lord has been so faithful, so gentle. And I’m really thankful for Hope PCA.

  3. I second that! AMEN!

  4. Wendy: Glad you enjoyed the link. I ran across that site way back when…can’t remember exactly what I was looking for…and have continued to check in regularly.

    TulipGirl: I am thankful for Hope PCA, too. Families need to worship together with like-minded families!

    Ann: And again I say AMEN!

  5. I need to be in Church this Sunday because:
    I am not a member of a social club?
    because I have no place to make a fashion statement?
    because the preacher has car (luxury car that is) payments?
    because my body is NOT the temple of the lord?
    because on the moment of death of Jesus at the cross, the curtain separating the priest and the holly place remained
    in one piece, thus not rendering priesthood useless?
    because, after finding numerous accounts in the gospel, Jesus held money in his healing hand? yeah, sure…
    because I have a great need for clean comedy?
    because christians in the last 1000 years did not slaved africans, stole lands form the indians, killed jews in the inquisition, corrupted the doctrine of the gospel by preaching wealth acquisition, promoted wars, in few words:
    News Flash: God has no needs, he is almighty, we are filthy rags, and do not deserve redemtion… I pray for the Church, the real Church.

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