Fondue fun

How much fun it is to have friends visit!

This evening we had Matt and Tricia back again (visiting from the States) and two of our mutual friends over to join Jeanne, Kolya, Jim and me for chocolate fondue. Yum. Toma is always a pleasure to have in our home, and we love Oleg as well. They both make us smile!

We melted some milk chocolate candy bars, some chocolate chips, added some milk to get just the right consistency. And then a splash of Kahlua for flavor. Delish! Pineapple, bananas, oranges and apples gave a variety of textures and colors.

I am sooo full. I’m glad that laughter is good for digestion. Right? And the calories that get burned by laughter — surely I lost weight…



  1. riverblues says:

    Fondue is low calorie b/c you have to assemble and dip your dessert-burning calories the whole time:-)
    Gotta try beef fondue-a Taylor fam. fav. You sit around yakin’ while your little beef cubes sizzle away and then you dip in some savory yummy sauces. And the hostess can relax too!

  2. Can you tell us how you do that???

  3. Sounds like a plan for next June… 😉

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