Presidential challenges

I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal a couple of days ago, but only this morning did I take the time to read it.

It expresses well some of the emotions that I have felt over the last months. No matter how we personally feel about our president, he is STILL our president. We can disagree, but we don’t need to be disrespectful. As John McCain said in his concession speech, in January Senator Obama will be MY president. (I think the military prepared him well to understand authority in his life…)

How can we expect anyone to lead us if we continually dig in our heels? And how can the rest of the world respect a country when its own citizens don’t respect the office of the President?

Do we really think that Obama is going to be able to solve everything? One man cannot do it. (I frankly don’t want his ideas to go forth, but, my desires aside, do we really and truly think it’s possible for him to get ‘er done?) The citizens of America AND the citizens of the world will probably be let down by Obama…though proclaimed The One, he is simply a man, nonetheless.

The Orange Revolution here in Ukraine is an example of HUGE expectations — a real change in the direction of this country — and crushing disappointment. Many folks here are even less hopeful for true change than before the revolution.

Praying that positive change will take place in America. And praying that people have not wrongly placed their faith in a candidate — ANY candidate — rather than the One Who is worthy of our faith.

To God be the glory. Great things He hath done.



  1. Yesterday I received an email from a friend, asking me if I thought President Obama was the Anti-Christ. I have no idea where people get these things? I think they were saying the same thing about Clinton, if I remember correctly.

    I do agree to. We need to pray for our Country and submit ourselves to the Governing authorities.

  2. Ann: Our best recourse is to pray to the One who can use even our mistakes (trust me, He’s had to use a LOT of mine!)for His own purposes. He is not surprised by the outcome of the election…

  3. The WSJ commentary was right on. Did you notice that the author was a lawyer who served Kerry in 2004?

    As to Anti-Christ, wow, the man was just elected. I, too, have heard some disturbing connections that would have scary implications if even partially true. However, we need to give the man a chance and do what we Americans do better than anyone in the world: civilly disagree when appropriate.

    At the end of the day, we are commanded to submit to the authorities placed (by Who?) over us and to pray that he and the Congress lead in a godly manner.

    Should our government’s policies and actions cause us to deny our LORD, then we should passively resist. Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine can teach us a few things about that.

    Psst, I peaked at the end of the story; I know how it will all turn out. For that I am at peace. Amen!

  4. Wayne: I peeked at the end, too. Great ending!!

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