I’ll be linking a few responses to the election of Obama.

This one from Kim Riddlebarger.

Between two worlds. Please read the comments as well.

I’ll probably add more as I run across them today. I’m thinking that most people in the States are hitting the sack — we’ve all had an early morning on this side of the Big Pond.


  1. Thanks for the comment on voting on our blog!! Glad I wasnt the only one feeling patriotic 🙂 I am dissapointed with the outcome and concerned, but not worried as I along with you can trust in God’s control…no matter what!

    We are very close to Birmingham~ only about one hour away…yes, headed toward Auburn. It would be nothing for us to meet you in Birmingham…maybe we could round up the Farrington’s too and have a reunion! Keep us updated as you make further plans.

  2. Melanie: We’ll definitely keep you posted.

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