Jim and I read in our devotional book (Through the Bible through the year by John Stott) this morning:

“The book of Ecclesiastes expresses many swings of mood and emotion, but it specially emphasizes the futility of a human life that is imprisoned in time and space and that ignores or denies the reality of God. If reality is restricted to time, to the brief human life span with all its injustice and pain, beginning with birth and ending like that of the animals, with death and dissolution, then everything is ‘meaningless! Meaningless!…Utterly meaningless!’

“Or if reality is restricted to space, to human experience under the sun, with no ultimate reference point above and beyond the sun, then again it is all ‘meaningless! Meaningless…Utterly meaningless!’ Everything is futile, a chasing after wind.

“Only God can give meaning to life, because only he can supply the missing dimensions. God adds eternity to time, and God adds transcendence to space. That is why ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,’ for wisdom begins with a humble acknowledgement of the reality of God.”



  1. shadowsinthewall says:

    precisely. God is, then, such that of an alter-ego: merely an illusion, a schizophrenic symptom. you need it to justify yourself, to fill the hole of this self, to prolong our existence..
    or are we on a different boat?

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