The Oath

Jim and I finished a great book this morning — The Oath by Khassan Baiev. A true story about a Chechan surgeon who actually takes the Hippocratic oath seriously. He finds himself hunted by both Russians and Chechans because he believes that he should treat everyone who needs his help — Russians and Chechans alike.

The first-hand descriptions of life in Chechnya during the two wars is more tragic than I could ever imagine. And the working conditions for this surgeon will boggle your mind.

As Jim and I read this, it was difficult not to compare this situation with what just recently took place in Georgia. (And what could possibly happen in Ukraine.) There are chilling similarities…

Please pray for the survivors in Chechnya. As well as in Georgia.

And continue to pray for the leaders worldwide who make decisions that affect us all! May God give them wisdom and discernment!


  1. From Grant:
    “I want to see you. What is it like in Ukraine right now? If it is cold in America, I bet it is cold in Ukraine. Does it snow every day? Inna and Vitali are doing good…there is a lot of adjustments though 🙂 I played football this year and next I am going to be on a wrestling team at the YMCA. Do they celebrate Halloween in Ukraine? I am going to a Fall Festival at our church tomorrow night and I am dressing up as Prince Caspian from Narnia. Miss you.”

    From Mel: Grant wanted to send you a post on your blog, so I typed his words above. We would love to see you when you come to Alabama…Do you what city you are going to be in yet? Of course, you are always welcome at our home:)

  2. awakeningtolove says:

    I just came across your blog from the Kyiv tags. I’m a christian and I live in England, but most of my family are in Kyiv. I wondered if you would mind me subscribing to your blog?
    Blessings to another sister!

  3. Great to be reading your blog again. It helps my family and I to better pray for you and your ministries. Check your e-mail.

  4. Grant: Sooo good to hear from you! I miss your giggle over here, though I can always hear you on YouTube if I just HAVE to hear your voice! No snow in Kyiv. Actually it hasn’t been too cold yet…colder in America than here — can you believe it?? I’d love to see a picture of you in your Prince Caspian costume. What did Inna and Vitali wear?

    Mel: Huntsville, for sure. No real itinerary put together yet. I am quite certain we will be in Birmingham, also. How far are you from there? Same direction as Auburn? Oi…I need to look at a map of Alabama!

    Gabi: I would be honored to have you subscribe to my blog! You never know what I might write about — family, ministry, books, whatever is going on! What are your family members doing here in Kyiv? Might I know them? Or have they heard of me? Or my pediatrician husband?

    Wayne: We so appreciate your prayers. Hello to the whole family!

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