Life in the fast lane

The doorbell rang at 8:45 this morning, and we closed the door as our last guest left at 10:20 this evening. Quite a day!

While Jim and partner Jeff met with Igor, Jim’s assistant, Jeanne and I went over details concerning the women’s retreat this weekend. And after the guys met, Jim and Jeff spent some time with me discussing details of our continuing quest for a new website to represent Ukraine Medical Outreach. Crazy process! Too many dips and turns to explain in a blog, but suffice it to way that we are most appreciate of Jeff’s perseverance in figuring out our options.

The afternoon was spent teaching English at the national children’s hospital in Kyiv. I again had two beginning students. I am thankful that Tatjana helps me know the Ukrainian grammar words so that I can somewhat explain what I want them to know…though one of the students definitely prefers Russian. I am not giving way, though, and whenever I speak they will only hear English or Ukrainian. I really need for THEM to speak Ukrainian and not Russian so that I can train my own ears to hear and understand that language.

When I returned home Jeanne had a friend from our home church over for tea. She is in the country studying Russian and had some time off this afternoon. I think she enjoyed being in a home with Americans all speaking English! It was quite amusing, though, when we skyped Anna in Nepal. Melanie’s mom is currently in Kathmandu taking photographs of life there, so Anna and Cheryl were together. And here we were with Cheryl’s daughter at our home. Very interesting. Talking on skype complete with video. I actually LOVE to be able to see Anna when we talk.

Melanie stayed for dinner. And just before SHE left, a patient of Jim’s arrived on the scene. He left around 10 and the Learys came by at 10:30 to pick up folding chairs that they need for a meeting in the morning.

Intersperse these visits with phone calls and emails and we have had a full day for sure.

I’m thankful that Jim and I start each day with devotions and then pray together.

How would we ever deal with each day if we weren’t confident that God is totally in control? What a privilege to be here serving Him.



  1. Did we really do all that? When I was heading to English Class # 2, the ever busy Svetlana said you work to hard!

  2. Awwwww, What a great example you are.

  3. jjpmd: Yes, you do work too hard.

    ann: Not doing any more than anyone else — just a taste of what life is like on the field!

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