ICMDA Austria…opening ceremony

We arrived in Austria with no umbrella. And, of course, it began to rain before we found our hotel. A gracious gentleman gave us a lift to our hotel so that we weren’t dragging suitcases through the street in the rain. But we were on our own to get back to the site for dinner. When Jim went down to the desk to inquire where we might purchase umbrellas…the man behind the desk LOANED us two on the spot! Apparently Jim has an honest face AND the clerk knew where to find us each night! We happily strolled the kilometer back to the conference site — only about a 10-minute walk. I’m thankfull for that little bit of exercise each day…I’m not used to THREE big meals a day.

All meals were served under a large white tent. Three separate buffet tables and three tables serving a variety of salads helped to shorten the wait time. We connected with old friends and new friends — ones we met at the airport earlier that day — and excitedly ate our meal before the opening talk for the preconference.

The theme for the conference was “Limited Resources, Unlimited God.” We were encouraged to think about what we wanted God to do for us this week? Why had we come? Pray about it! We were reminded that there was a day when scientific research reflected “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.” And many agreed that we needed this week to know more of the mind of God and of His power.

We were asked to think about why we do what we do? Were we being driven by duty when we should be led by love?

Lots to think about as we walked back to our hotel. And exhausted, we hit the sack eagerly anticipating the next morning and what God might have in store.


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