Austria — our beginning

Today is our first day online since we’ve been in Austria. Lots, lots, lots to write about, but the clock is ticking for my time online and I really want to post some pictures!

We arrived at the Vienna airport in the early morning and the first bus scheduled to take folks to Schladming was not until 11. The organizers shuttled us “early birds” to a church where we could relax in a much more comfortable setting. We met other participants and even enjoyed a sack lunch outside on the grounds of the church.

This student from Nigeria is currently studying medicine in eastern Europe and is seeking God’s direction for just what exactly he might do with his education. He wants to use his training to glorify God but is not sure in what setting.

After lunch we boarded the bus for what was estimated to be about a 3- or 4-hour trip. Folks were fading in and out depending on the length of their travel, but it was also a reunion-time of sorts for so many of these doctors. I was actually amazed at how many of them Jim had met over the last months as he was planning the medical student conference in Kyiv. It was interesting hearing all the different languages on the bus, though English would be the language of the conference.

Registration was somewhat of a zoo. The arrival team did the best that they knew how, but it was obvious that they hadn’t organized such a large event before. Fortunately everyone seemed very patient, and I didn’t hear even one participant lose control. Miracles do still occur! (If you look closely you can see Jim looking towards the camera on the far side of the registration table…)

After the initial gathering of all of the participants (representing 61 different countries, by the way!) we all headed to our respective hotels, hostels, homes. We are staying on Martin Luther Street with a typical Austrian view off of our balcony: mountains, quaint narrow streets, and church steeples.



  1. You’re indeed blessed to be in Austria. What a beautiful country. It must be a joy, too, to meet with brothers and sisters in the Lord from other nations. Could it, perhaps, be a little slice of heaven?

  2. morningjoy: Amen. I believe it is!

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