Declutter…Day 131

The question is: How great would YOU feel if you removed one unused item from your home each day for a whole year? The declutter challenge.
Toss, Donate, or Sell one item from your home every single day for one year.
No rules.
No advice.

Day 131
Okay…I’m not actually AT the meeting in my home tonight, but I have left a Trigonometry computer program to be given to anyone from the Kyiv Christian Women’s Fellowship or the Kyiv Christian Academy. If it’s STILL there when I return…well, into the dumpster!
What did you dump today?



  1. PRAISE GOD that you found your passport and arrived safely!!!! Hope everything is going well there and that God is blessing your meetings!!! We sure do miss you! By the way, we bought Grant some Ziggity cards the other day 🙂

  2. Trigonometry-dump it!

  3. Melanie: I sweated a river! (Yikes — did I just write that? I MEANT to say that I was GLOWING. I grew up knowing that horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow!) Ask Grant to play a hand for me!

    riverblues: It wasn’t here when we got back! Did someone else pitch it? Or did someone actually want to use it? Whichever!! It’s gone!!

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