What a beginning to a wonderful trip! Jim and I are supposed to be heading to Austria for an International Christian Medical-Dental Association meeting. We have been thinking about this trip, looking forward to getting away together, dealing with all kinds of crazy schedules over the past few weeks just KNOWING that this week was coming.

We planned to stay with Jamie and Dasha on Saturday night because they live only 10 minutes from the airport. Pretty convenient, eh? Jamie came by early this morning to pick up our suitcase so that we could take public transportation later in the day without the burden of suitcases. Dasha’s parents live near them, and they were preparing a wonderful dinner for all of us to enjoy together. We asked Dasha to give us an hour-and-a-half heads-up for when her dad would head to the last metro stop to pick us up. (About 45 minutes to an hour from us.)

She called way earlier than we expected, but we agreed to hurry up and get to the end of the line. Jim finished up some e-mails, I tried to post an entry of my decluttering, and we began the final packing of last minute items — toiletries, etc. I reminded Jim to grab my passport and off we would go.

I have to admit that I was quite surprised when Jim said that my passport was missing. What? There is only one place where we ALWAYS put our passports. How could it not be there? I tried to remember when I had last used it — ah…to go to the post office to pick up a package. Hmmm. Can’t believe that I wouldn’t return THE document to the special spot. I searched every possible pocket. No passport. We looked through boxes, stacks of important papers, but no passport.

We prayed. Lord, help me remember where I put it. I really really want to go to Austria with Jim.

We spent nearly 2 hours searching, and I finally gave up. I couldn’t understand what I could have possibly done with it, but I was beginning to understand that I was simply not going to Austria.

I started considering what I could accomplish this week, home alone. But I really wanted to go! Lord, what are you trying to teach me?

I finally just sat down and decided to call Dasha and let her know that only Jim would be arriving at their home. I was resigned to that fact.

Suddenly I heard velcro and a loud “hallelujah!” Jim had found it!

Turns out he had mistakenly taken MY passport earlier in the week when he travelled out of town. And this afternoon when he pulled his passport from “the place,” it seemed so normal. Why he suddenly thought to look in a most unusual location — the pockets of a medical bag — we don’t know for sure.

But I am so thankful! We had to take the bus to get to Jamie and Dasha’s rather than their car. But, hey…I’m on my way to Austria first thing in the morning!!

Thanks to Jamie and Dasha for staying at our place while we’re gone. Thanks for a place to stay so close to the airport.

And thank you, Lord, for prompting Jim to look in his medical bag!



  1. I’m glad you were able to go with your hubby Mar. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip.


  2. Ann: I was really wondering whether I’d make it or not. Not to mention that I was going to have to go through the process of replacing the passport…and the visa. (See earlier posts in April/May to recall what an ordeal that can be!)

  3. Love the story. Sounds like us! Yura had to pay a $20 fine for not having his passport when we got to Russia. They let us in because his American wife made color photo copies of all passports before leaving the USA (they still are in awe to this day – ha-ha). Of course, he has three passports to keep track of, poor guy. That is asking a lot! Enjoy Austria! My friends are in Vienna working at the Embassy. Loved it when we were there!

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