West tells Russia to keep out of Ukraine

West tells Russia to keep out of Ukraine.

Though not reported in the west, as far as I know, yesterday 95 tons of ammunition exploded, presumably due to a grass fire caused by the heat of the day, requiring the complete evacuation of a town near the city of Harkhiv in Ukraine. News programs showed the explosions continuing in the background as reporters spoke. Never good news, but particularly not good news in these times.

Please keep praying for the decision-makers in this volatile region of the world.



  1. I’ll pray.
    It’s vital to remember during these uncertain times that God’s sovereignty will prevail. We must dwell in the shelter of the Most High.

  2. morningjoy: Thanks for praying. Ah, yes, our comfort is in the knowledge that God is absolutely in control…none of this is surprising Him, and He will eventually use it to His glory.

  3. ramonamom says:

    It is very interesting to be able to see things from a personal view on your “side of the world” right now. It seems like this is a bigger issue than our news is allowing it to be at times…

    By the way, check out my personl blog when you get a chance, as I have given you a blog award!



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