More tanks

Ukraine’s Independence Day parade takes place tomorrow morning, and we have been seeing the military might as the tanks and other military vehicles relocate to an area closer to the start of the parade. Their pre-parade route takes them right through Podil and the other night our house guest and I ran to the street to get some “up close and personal” pictures. Not being a very accomplished photographer I was usually just a few seconds behind in getting the shots that I really wanted — the flash had a major delay in the dark — but I did figure out how to get some interesting shots! Rather than focusing on the tanks as they approached, trying to shoot the entire vehicle, I began to focus on the drivers. These young Ukrainian men seemed as fascinated with the crowds lining the street as we were with the size of these fighting machines.

I really don’t think I would want the responsibility of these vehicles nor their weapons.

I took a short segment of video simply so that you could hear the roar that accompanies this equipment.

Try to imagine that sound coming down YOUR street…and then pray for the people of Georgia and Russia.


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