Ukraine leaders split under Russian pressure

Please bear with me as I continue to post the happenings in Georgia and Russia particularly as they relate to Ukraine. This situation is so much more far-reaching than simply Georgia. We need to be aware, alert, and in prayer.

Please pray for the leaders of the nations, and particularly the leaders of Ukraine. Stress often brings to the forefront our true colors, revealing our hearts and motivations, and this is certainly a stressful time for all decision-makers. Pray for wisdom and self-control.



  1. Far from “bearing with you” I am counting on you to give us information from your end, Ukrainiak. With much love and many prayers, Kate

  2. Dear Marianna,

    Click on the above if you’d like to read about Jeff’s exeprience. He was in Gori when they dropped the first bomb. Then I continued to blog on it day-by-day as we talked on the phone. Finally, Jeff himself wrote a piece on the blog about his experience. He’s worked there for quite a few years and we too are very concerned over this Russian domination. They could easily do the same in Crimea or Eastern Ukraine.

    Blessings, Coleen

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please such over stated and somewhat bias commentary. Georgia provoked the recent military response from Russia by breaching its peace agreement. That is not to say that Russia’s responce was correct or measured. But to say at this stage that Ukraine is next is a string over reaction without any basis of reality.(Yes it is a possible that Crimean/Ukrainians will call for separation if Yushchenko continues with his pro US/Pro NATO push. Yulia Tymoshenko’s response to date has been measured and correct.

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