Support on the square

We spent some time walking around the center of Kyiv on Saturday. Three of the guest speakers from the medical student conference stayed at our home on Saturday night so we wanted to be sure to let them see even just a little bit of the city.

These pictures were taken on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square):

This is a monument that shows the distance from Kyiv to various cities around the world. Someone put a Georgian flag next to its capital city — Tbilisi.

A display of many articles and political cartoons.

A booth that featured continuous video clips of events taking place in Georgia. Though the screen was small and there were not a lot of people watching at any one time, there was a regular flow of people stopping to take a look.

A display of solidarity as the Ukraine flag flies side-by-side with the Georgian flag.



  1. Oh what a difference a day makes!

    As I follow these events now from afar I am increasingly compelled to prayer for this situation. God is indeed sovereign. Only a fool thinks otherwise! Just like Joseph in Genesis 50, what man means for evil and selfishness, God will use for good and His eternal purposes.

  2. Did you catch the tanks and missiles last night?????

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