Medvedev warning

Oh, my.



  1. Marianna,

    It seems that Putin really did choose a President who is a true soulmate. His spin on this whole situation is quite interesting. I am glad that the nations are firmly in God’s hands.

    Grace to you,

  2. Lisa: Amen!

  3. Thanks for keeping us informed on this–we are a “Russian/American” family and VERY interested in all that happens over there. Praying for you and wondering how all this might impact international adoptions in the region(s).

  4. Connie: We know several couples who are currently in the process here. They aren’t having any more problems than are normal here! By the way, I was able to encourage a couple of them to go to the adoption3:16 site…they are adopting older children. Thank you for your encouragement to the families when they arrive back in the States and the “real life” sets in! I get to see them on the roller coaster experience here, but usually they are quite excited and happy even if a bit nervous. You hear from them during the day-to-day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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