Georgia/Russia/Ukraine updates

I found these two articles quite interesting. First, Ukraine offers satellite defense cooperation with Europe and US.

And secondly, Ukraine is investigating claims that Russia is distributing passports in Crimea.

This continues to be a very volatile situation and Ukraine is certainly not standing down from its conviction to support Georgia.

Stay tuned…



  1. First Georgia, then (the) Ukraine, after the Baltic. The Crimea will fall to the Russians. So will Russian speaking eastern Ukraine. Then, the rest of the Ukraine will fall. Will the west do nothing?

  2. I don’t know if this is true, but it is estimated that ten precent of people living in Hong Kong are Canadians. I wonder if China is willing to cede ten percent of its territory in Hong Kong to Canada. I doubt it.

    Back to the Ukraine: perhaps it could form an alliance with individual western countries if it cannot get into NATO.

  3. Me: It will be interesting to see just what takes place. I sometimes feel like the US is in a thankless position: People complain when we DO help, and people complain when we don’t. Can’t win, really.

  4. Ukrainiac,
    I suppose that’s why good ole’ George Washington felt so strongly about being an isolationist country in times of foreign wars…. I’m not agreeing, I’m just saying…

  5. saucerfulsecrets says:

    There are nearly 75% of Russian-speaking people in Ukraine and Crimea is not the exception. President Yushenko and his administration supports nationalistic compaing against all russian-speaking citizens. People cannot speak on their native language. Would anyone like this? Crimea was actually never considered as part of Ukraine. It was annex to Russian Empire by Catherin II and before it was the teritory of Crimea Khan. Crimea became as part of modern Ukraine only in 1991 so it doesn’t surprise that Russia support russian people who became citizens of Ukraine against their will. Moreover, most of people who lived in Eastern and South Ukraine would gladly join the Russia.

  6. saucerfulsecrets says:

    ME: “First Georgia, then (the) Ukraine, after the Baltic.”

    Bravo! Rusofobia is forever! I would put this question in other way: Serbia, Croatia, Iraq, Afghanistan. Who’s next? Iran? Which country will be next in list of US aggressive

    Russia took out their army from Europe since downfall of Berlin Wall and US military forces still in Europe. This is US, NOT Russian military base will leave Kirghizia at the neasrest time. Who is trying to place rockets in Czechia and Poland? Who trained Georgian soldiers for aggression against Osetinians? Georgian regime of Saakashvily which is fully supported by US bombed peacefull Tshenval (capital of S.Osetia) at night when all pepole slept! Who supplied them with weapon? Russian??? So who is trying to expand its military presence in the world?

    I woun’t be surprised if in the nearest future CIA will organise provocation in Sevastopol. They have alreay opened their “embassy” in Sevastopol and it’s not so difficult to guess what a task they fulfil their.

    US’s confrontation against Russian was actually never stoped and it’s necessary to have head on your shoulders to distinguish where is the propaganda and provocations and where is the true.

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