Is Ukraine next?

Here is the headline that I wasn’t looking forward to reading: “Russia may turn focus to pro-U.S. Ukraine after beating Georgia”, though I certainly knew that it was possible. Especially after President Yushchenko appeared on stage in Georgia’s capital city last night in support of the Georgian government.

Please, please continue to pray for the people who have witnessed an indescribable situation. Pray for the God of comfort to be recognized among the survivors. Pray for wisdom for the decision-makers. Pray for God’s glory to somehow shine through it all.



  1. This is what I fear too. and this is what I am hearing is a possibility. My ears are glued to the radio. Of curse…I am praying.

  2. This will not happen. I am sure. Why do you think that Russia is so horrible and start attacking everything she doesnt like? Is the CNN propaganding such nonsence again?

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