Cease-fire violations

The situation is still volatile. Very little trust between parties.

Moment by moment we hear and read new stories, Georgia and Russia each accusing the other of atrocities, without much chance for the claims to be fully verified or rejected.

Praying that it doesn’t escalate…



  1. Yes, if you’ll continue looking cnn, that’s true… it will be very difficult to understnad what’s the real situation there. Saakashvilli is a big liar. And all his lie on georgian’s propaganda channel, on cnn. Russian tanks going to Tbillissi, oh no, you’ve understood wrong, they are not going. Russian army in Gori. But now he says – no russians there. Guys, Saakashvilli is made. All the key thing you should know, he gave an order to shelling night sleeping Tshinvalli ( South Ossetian capital ), and was ready to do the same with Abkhazia. Russians saved more than 100,000 lives of the South Ossetian and Abkhazian peoles. And the victims from georgian side – Saakshvilli’s blame. Europeans and americans – don’t be fool. Don’t support a killers. Sometime, they can kill and your families.

  2. Andrew,
    You are wrong. Russia is bullying Georgia and CNN is a reputable news source not a propaganda channel.
    Maybe the Russian news does not tell the truth and slants everything for their leader’s taste, but the rest of the world prefers to report things as they are happening.
    The Russian military did not save any lives, they have picked a fight and killed 2000 Georgians, displaced 100,000 people and terrified a sovereign nation.

  3. Jael, sure you are right about CNN, CNN is reputable media empire. But may be you could explain, why almost half of Osetian people migrated to russia during this conflict, not to Georgia? And even we have a lot of people from osetia in Moscow? Why a lot of people arrive to russia from Osetia calling at Radio at TV? Do you think it make sense less than thought of CNN News? Each evening using skype I have conversations with people from Georgia, and again information differ from CNN News… May be you are right, but for me looks like CNN gives more propaganda than information.
    Sorry and best wishes,

    P.S. where did you get information about 2000 geirgians? I read at CNN site about 90 at today morning. Any case 90 is much too.

  4. Jael, may be you should think who was the first who started the war? Georgians. They’ve already captured Thskhinvali, killed thousands of civilians and only after that Russians enterd the South Osetia.

    Don’t be so silly, there’s no any adequate and free TV-channel in the world. CNN is pro-american and supports the american interests of national security. As well as russian TV supports Russia’s interests.

    That’s why you should think who started the war and it’s the only answer is guilty.

    I’m not from Russia, i’m from Kazakhstan. That’s why i can see the truth between two sides. I’m not intrested in Russia even in USA.

    To be honest it’s the same situation as in Kosovo or in Granada where americans entered these countries. You think USA was also wrong in those situations? I don’t think so, you think there’s diference between Granada and South Osetia. So i can congratulate you, you bilieve in what propaganda has told you to believe.

  5. Almost CNN is depended “reputable media empire”. So, they have editor’s personal (or pro-some-government) position and publishing bullshit actually. What can you say about initial events that happened prior of Russian military activities? Clear at a glance: Georgia is intervened to cities in South Osetia, bombed civilian locations, etc., etc., etc.
    I gonna ask YOU, Jael, who is really sensitive to CNNs reputation: where is CNNSs responsibility for truth in all of bullshit they published in last almost 2 weeks? What will you say if they will start to blame U.S.A. and talk about US intervention to Taliban territory, or to Iraq?
    Do not be stupid: Georgia is pro US country and Georgia expected protection from USA, but looks like “uncle Sam” afraid to have direct conflicts with “big one”, now USA can only force media to provide disinformation to make crappy image of Russia in the world.

  6. CNN is published on site “There is no cease-fire,’ says Georgian president”. Why on TV wrong information? Is CNN broken? 🙂

  7. People say that in few days Georgia has developed a team of ukrainian and estonian personell, who are white and speak russian for black operations into georgian mainland, like cleansings, so Russia would be discriminated after cease-fire. Because locals would say they were russians. This explains everything, especially a “russian column” that arrives to Gori from south to north (if you look where the sun is). Russian army never uses quadrocycles and white 4×4 offroad trucks as well. Rediculous, but the georgian army is equipped with quadrocycles, thats has been shown before.

  8. People of the world, the information, provided by the international mass media is no true. Russia DID NOT ATTACK Georgia! 07.08.2008 at 22:00 Georgia attacked South Ossetia, the troops rolled in. At 3:30 08.08.2008 tanks of the Georgian armies have entered the city of Tskhinvali, the capital of the South Ossetian Republic. Whole city was shelling by heavy artillery all day long, there were fights with use of tanks and heavy munition, which were used against both ossetic militia and non-combatants. More than 2000 civillians were killed during Georgian attack. Russian peacemakers have arrived to South Ossetia in the evening of 08.08.2008 for settlement of the conflict and peace conduction in republic and protection of Russian citizens, living on territory of South Ossetia (approx. 80% of South Ossetian population). Georgia has attacked South Ossetia on the opening day of 2008 Olympiad, it is top of cruelty and cynicism.

  9. Well then, what is the answer to this and all human conflict?
    Мир вам.

  10. why almost half of Osetian people migrated to russia
    yes but they migrated earlear then war begin.
    so I am not aganst that saakaSvili is craizy . but even this is true , georgia is suverene country and crosing line
    is not right. thre is diplomatic methods to resolve a problem.

    eny wey … solution of problem is thet europe gve not to buy oil from rusia .
    they are constructing tanks using this money.
    in europe piples life costs. in countries like rosia
    evrising costs unergraund . so (in my countre too .. pipeline costs. not piple)

    so western world have to think about money cames in 3 -d countries cames realy to piple or not.

  11. I am so glad that most of you gyes here know the truth. The war (Georgia has started) is at end but the “knews war” (as they call it )has started concuring the belief of europeans and americans. The truth will be revealled,tell me what will all those people who believe in georgia do then?

  12. Saakashvili said Western leaders had “failed to analyze Russia’s intentions” before it invaded Georgia and “are partly to blame” for the current situation.

    Russian intention was to stop what he was doing in South Ossetia!
    Please have a look at some tiny piece of evidence here: http://bolshoyforum.org/forum/index.php?topic=18120.0

    And now Russian intention is to have garanties that it will never happen again. You see, a Grad rocket with which Saakashvili devastated Tskhinval has maximum range of 40 kilometers. Each launcher has 40 rockets. Each rocket carries 18 kg of hexogen or something worse.
    And it takes one launcher only fourty seconds to launch its’ forty rockets to that forty kilometers!

    Yes it is that simple. Russian army needs to advance deeper to prevent repetition of disaster.

  13. Great Googly Moogly, girlfriend! Your blog has become a battlefield of ugly loquaciousness!

    Praying for you!
    Much, much love,

    K & G

  14. woah! Marianna, these responses are a bit mind-blowing to an American! Yes, I do see it as russia attacking Georgia. Those Russian citizens that are fleeing to Russia, I am told, are doing so because they are ex-georgians who renounced their georgian citizenship when offered russian-citizenship. So they couldn’t really run back to georgia could they? How did Russia get all those weapons and artillery there in just a few hours? they couldn’t have. They’d been lining up for months on the border instigating this, the way I hear it. Russia is flexing big, scary muscles and I am worried for Georgia. Will they Russia turn on Ukraine? There is talk of that here. Praying….

  15. So, you think Russia just goes bombing in every country that comes to mind? Who were the first to attack South Osetia? Russians? They had only had a small group af peacemakers there,and they too were killed by Georgian army, but nooo,you still think it was the big scary Russia. And what happened to Saakachvili? He just tells lies, accusing Russia of all the terror GEORGIA had caused South Osetia. WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE ABOUT RUSSIA STARTING THE WAR? I would love to hear it

  16. The proof is, they moved their army onto ANOTHER COUNTRY’S SOIL and attacked. THAT IS CALLED STARTING A WAR my friend. I am praying for your leaders and your country.

  17. No,that is wrong. Russian army did not cross the boarder of Georgian country. They had peacemakers on South Osetias soil as well as Georgian peacemakers. All this news thing started after 2 days of war being in progress.It didnt start at the very beginning of war,it started just when the world heard that Russian had something to do with it. Well,all it did was stop the war by persuading Georgian leader to cease fire. Now while Georgian leader tries to deny his acts of murdure Russian people are helping South Osetians with whatever they can. There IS truth,the only problem is that people hear what they want to hear,Americans hear what their tv is translating,europeans-what euroTV is telling them,and believe what they want to believe.I believe in truth. Praying for the people of South Osetia,Georgians who believe and world peace

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