Midnight rally in Tbilisi

Well, it’s nearing midnight in Georgia and CNNInternational is broadcasting live from a rally in Tbilisi. Tens of thousands of Georgian supporters are standing in the square waving flags from Georgia as well as other flags representing those who support the Georgian perspective in this conflict.

Standing on the stage with the Georgian president is President Yushchenko of Ukraine. And also the president of Estonia. I’m not sure who else was standing there.

This reminds me of the Orange Revolution here when the Georgian president joined Yushchenko on Independence Square here in Kyiv. But we hadn’t just survived bomb blasts, missile strikes or tanks roaring through the streets here.

I applaud them all for literally taking a stand. And I continue to pray for all of those in decision-making roles…

UPDATE: Also on the stage were presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.



  1. I watched it live as well (and unfortunately without English translation). There was a clear sense of sending a message to the world that they stood with Georgia realizing that in not doing so they could be next.

  2. Most importantly, continue to pray for the people of Georgia and the entire former Soviet Union. The spiritual needs are immense. Without the truth of Jesus Christ there is no hope for meaningful change.

  3. Wayne: Amen. By the way, the Russian fleet’s port was Sevastopol (Crimea), not Odessa. Sorry ’bout that…

  4. You know, I am looking all over the internet and I cannot find a single photo of the Presidents gathering on the square together. It definitely is not being talked about much in the US media. I will check UA news sources. A photo of this would be worth a 1000 words…..

  5. Michelle: I found a picture on CNN, but it’s so teeny that you can’t really identify the players. SURELY, someone has that picture SOMEWHERE!!!

  6. I can’t find anything. I am having problems accessing Ukrainian news sites, they are very slow or won’t respond.

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