Black Sea fleet

The state of war continues within the country of Georgia. Reports are that the Russians have deployed their Black Sea fleet from Odessa in Ukraine. And that Ukraine has declared their right to NOT allow the Russian ships to return to the Ukrainian port.

Lord, may this come to an end quickly.



  1. Thanks for keeping us updated on all of the details. We don’t hear a lot of that here 🙂 We are praying!

  2. Nikki: It’s unbelievable to me, to tell you the truth. Thanks for praying…

  3. This is all amazing. What are your sources on the Odessa fleet? Any idea how Russia will respond to the Ukrainian action? Wow. I sure hope my family and I don’t have front row seats to similar Russian activities here in Odessa. Of course, that would likely trigger a significant US response and Putin knows it. God is sovereign! Let’s pray for the believers there to be a solid witness at this time of opportunity for the gospel in Georgia. See you Friday.

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