On location

As the day progressed yesterday we were able to fit the pieces together. Apparently some sort of a TV production was happening across the yard. (There were two trucks out front clearly marked “telebachenya”: TV program. I guess they figured they could park any-which-way if they had that sign in the dashboard. Little did they know that people park that way around here all of the time!)

It looked like things were beginning to happen on a balcony across the way. Note the large light just beyond the balcony.

And then it became quite clear that this was definitely the place. Spotlights from both inside and outside of the balcony.

Sometime after 11:30 p.m. we could hear them beginning to pack up. The floodlight was turned off…

…but the bright lights on the balcony were still lit. Much laughter and chatter echoed throughout the courtyard for quite a while, though Jim and I turned our own lights out around midnight.

And this morning…no porta-potties across the street.

Now, was this a documentary, a Ukrainian soap opera, some sort of news feature, an advertisement…who knows?

(As always, click on a picture to see an enlarged version.)



  1. I was wondering what was going to happen after the Porta-potties got delivered. It all makes more sense now. How excited! Do you know what they are filming?

  2. Ann: It appears that the filming was done by a television company, but I don’t know whether it was being made for TV or elsewhere…I assume you can hire TV companies to do filming for ads or whatever… All we know is that the porta-potties were dropped off around 8 a.m. and everything wrapped up sometime around midnight. Long day for those in production! No clue who the actors/actresses were…didn’t see anyone roaming around who was obviously an actor/actress. (Guess that could be considered a compliment to the acting ability…)

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