Bottle of wine

I just love this guy. Today is his birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMREY!), and so, in honor of the birthday boy, I just had to post this short video from May when we were trying to teach him how to pour wine. To look the part he quickly wrapped himself in a blanket (gives you an idea just how tall he is) and used a dish towel tossed over his arm to daintily wipe the lip of the bottle.

Listen carefully to all the instructions. As if we all knew…

(Emrey, Button will be so proud of you!)



  1. riverblues says:

    Who’s Emery?

    I hope who ever was working in the lighted balcony had sunglasses on-seems pretty bright!

  2. riverblues: Emrey is the son of one of my dearest friends in Cincinnati. She and her husband are Jamie’s godparents. Loooonnnnng history…I’ll fill you in in person sometime! This video cracked me up with Jamie giving instructions on smelling the cork, Jeanne assisting with the glass. It’s so funny that this next generation gets such a kick out of each other, too.

  3. Very cute and funny! I can’t wait to show this to our oldest daughter, as she feels like the only one her age (Emery looks to be in his late teens/early twenties) with any interst and/or knowledge about wine!!! We’ve purposed to give our girls a ‘healthy’ view of alcohol but admittedly we seem to be in the minority here in the ‘buckle of the Bible-belt”! Ha! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the laugh! I love those Carters!!! I hope that we continue to keep in touch over the years and that even OUR kids will know each other 🙂 Cape Cod 2020???

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