What’s going on here?

Here is what has been going on in the yard — uh, I would call it a parking lot, but I understand that it’s referred to as the yard. This view is from our back balcony. It appears that they have constructed a blue tent and are all checking out a black board of some sort.

Related to the porta-potties? We’ll have to wait and see…



  1. Is it at the entrance to someone’s flat?

  2. Jennifer: This is one of the entrances to the building, but not to an individual flat.

  3. First off, you were caught taking the picture. BIG no-no.

    Secondly, I’ll cross some cultures here… usually the tents are more colorful, but they’ll set them up here there and everywhere when there is a wedding or religious ceremony of some type that lots of people would be invited to.

    My guess, it’s not that. 😉

  4. Anna: I didn’t notice until I was actually looking at the pictures that this man appears to be looking at me. But I was behind a curtain and only the camera was slightly exposed to the window. Maybe he saw me…

    So, what WAS your guess? At least I know what you think it’s NOT!

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