Bright and early this morning, a truck pulled up across the street and deposited these two porta-potties. Any thoughts on why they would be placed there?

My first thought was in preparation for holiday revelers celebrating Ukraine Independence Day. But that’s not until the end of August.

And then I thought that maybe this was actually in response to a public cry for more public toilets. (Rare indeed.) I thought it was amazing that the city had responded so quickly to something I had only recently read in a newspaper here.

Jim thought it had to do with filming a movie, commercial, or TV show. Seems that our street has been used many a time for filming…and we have enjoyed guessing what it was all about. But I don’t recall any porta-potties placed on the street by the film companies.

Any ideas out there?



  1. They’ve realized the aging population in the buildings and being proactive about the possibility they just might not make it home?

    Another thought, the water will be shut off for a couple weeks in the buildings?

  2. riverblues says:

    I’m with Anna on the water being shut-off. Considering your latest bathroom woes this seems likely-the port-o-potties are for YOU:-)

  3. I was thinking the same thing as the above. Looks like they have to shut off some water for a major repair? I bet these comments are sooo encouraging! Love reading your blog.

  4. I have to admit – there were times when I would’ve been thrilled to find a porta potty in Ukraine 🙂

  5. Anna: Oh, how you make me laugh! Really hoping that they’re not going to turn off all of the water! (We’re still waiting for our two weeks of cold water this summer — next week?!)

    Riverblues: They may be quite welcome!

    Wendy: Oh, yeah, LOVING the encouraging thoughts! (I enjoy your blog as well!)

    Jennifer: As my kids would, “Boy, howdy!” I don’t think I’ve EVER noticed them on the street unless there happened to be a major celebration taking place.


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