Declutter…Day 089

The question is: How great would YOU feel if you removed one unused item from your home each day for a whole year? The declutter challenge.
Toss, Donate, or Sell one item from your home every single day for one year.
No rules.
No advice.

Day 089

There’s no way to get rid of all the mounds of paper at once. Why? Because at one time they were saved for a reason. And so I am required to look at each piece of paper, take note of each scribbled message, and be sure that I accomplished whatever that scrap was supposed to remind me of. Not to mention accounting papers for…projects completed in 2002. Trust me, no one is asking me for these details!

So….slowly Jim and I both are sorting and discarding SO MUCH paper!

(I was trying to imagine if I were forced to move in the next month how quickly would I go through this stuff? And not just go through it, but PITCH IT!)
What did you dump today?



  1. you’re still going strong! Paper is not easy. Good job!

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