It seems like there is another flurry of excitement over whether aliens from other worlds actually exist or not. And, if so, have they visited Earth? And, again if so, why don’t we know about them?

Now even an astronaut has added his voice to the discussion: He is certain that we have had visitors from other worlds, and thankfully they have not been hostile. Read that story here.

We also continue to hear about sightings of UFOs, but are being told that our government is hiding the facts.

A couple of questions come to my mind: Why is it that these aliens only seem to want to visit the U.S.? Once again, within our borders is the country of choice. Universally! But our government is not telling us the truth, we read. I must admit that I am astounded that our government can keep THIS secret when so many other “top secret” secrets are being exposed. Makes me wonder whether there are true leaks or whether only info deemed OK is leaked. We can really keep that information bottled up and hidden somewhere?

Okay, what if the aliens are landing elsewhere. Apparently none of THOSE goverments want that information shared. Have we found ONE topic where ALL the governments of the world agree: We have been visited by aliens…but don’t tell anyone!? Seems a little far-fetched.

Hey, I like to think that I’m as open-minded about extra-terrestrials as the next guy. But something just doesn’t add up here.



  1. riverblues says:

    Didn’t I read recently that the British got a government forum up and running about E.T.s?
    I’m thinking the E.T.s in some countries are viewed as “Saint visitations”(Think of all the “Mary” sightings in some countries-really extra terrestrials)? 😀

  2. riverblues: Hmmm. Keep me posted! (I promise to let it be known if I myself have an encounter!)

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